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The Electrostatic Process

Top Coat Electrostatic Painters provides onsite electrostatic painting, using precision technology to paint any surface cleanly.

Preparation is one of the most critical parts of the process; before any spraying is done we prepare the surface thoroughly by sanding, removing any oils and dirt, and cleaning the area to ensure the best possible end result. We also mask any nearby surfaces to ensure that they are not inadvertently sprayed. No short cuts are taken.

A coat of Epoxy Etch Primer is then applied to the area, ensuring that the paint will bond well to the surface. This is then followed by two applications of paint.

Our system utilises the negative charge of the object being painted with the positively charge of the paint, which are naturally drawn together in a similar manner to that of a magnet. This attraction results in a smooth, high quality finish; it is also completely safe and environmentally friendly.

For a fraction of the cost of renovation, we can transform virtually any area of your home or office by giving it a vibrant new look. You can choose from hundreds of colours and we are able to custom match the colour of your choice.

We also provide a conventional painting service and can paint the interior or exterior of any building or house.

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